The Legacy Project

Live YOUR Legacy Now!

At a certain time in a woman's life, we find ourselves having checked most of life's essential boxes but yet many still feel a bit unfulfilled:

  • Graduated (any level)

  • Entered the career of your dreams  (or one that you despise)

  • Found and married that special someone (and maybe found life's peace in being single.)

  • Bore wonderful children (or maybe little terrors)

  • Reared them and sent them on their way to their happily ever after.

  • Now what?

All of the above are quite honorable, but what have you done for you?  What is your happily ever after?  The one that signs the signature of your life and legacy?    What is YOUR life's passion and purpose?  It doesn't matter if you are fabulously forty or phenomenally fifty,  YOUR legacy matters. 

Because everyone is different, we dig deep into your life's passion bucket to discover how you create your signature legacy project.  

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It's Time to Create YOUR Legacy

You'll never get this day back again.  And if creating your legacy matters to you, now is the time to get it done.  Your life matters.  Your dreams and aspirations, too; much more than an antique heirloom or a trust fund.  Your passions and your legacy are waiting for the world to see, touch and embrace.

At this empty nest stage in our lives, we tend to seek personal achievement and/or fulfillment and an empowered mindset for the best years of our lives.  NOW is the right time to take that first step towards creating your legacy and sharing your purpose with generations to come. 

Just imagine, seeing your legacy project completed!  Yes!  It's worth more than a high five, more than a leap.  It is of immeasurable value, because you have created it and are able to reap the fulfillment of this accomplishment.

Now is the time to think about how you would like to be remembered!

Are you ready to create your legacy?

Life is short.  Live it before you lose it!

Milestone Module One

Pre Work 

This is the discovery portion of creating your legacy.  Your vision workbook provides you with reflective questions about yourself and will become a valued resource in the "why" part of your journey.  After that exercise is complete, you are able to take the next step.

Milestone Module Two

Writing The Vision

Based on the information gathered in module one, you will be able to craft your vision statement, based on your passions, beliefs, values.  We explore the possibilities of how they may be incorporated into your legacy.  Your letters to self will be completed and submitted.

Milestone Module Three

Creating The Roadmap

In this module, you will determine the resources needed to bring your legacy to life.  Permits, finances, people, materials, the timeline, etc.  This step is critical in creating the correct foundation. You will create your legacy implementation plan in this module.

Milestone Module Four

Doing The Work

In this final step, you put all of the elements together to bring your legacy to life by putting your plans into action.  You will receive your assignments back in a tangible memory book to share upon project completion.  -And of course, you celebrate your accomplishment!

So, here's why I am the perfect person to help you with your legacy...

Patrice Starks, Giant Slayer & Life Legacy Strategist


Since becoming a certified Forward Progress Coach/Success in 2003, I’ve been helping people find solutions to their life's challenges.


A few years ago four words transformed my life, “ninety days to live…”  and although I had lived a pretty spectacular life, I realized that I had much more to do. Life is too short to wait until the right time; too adventurous to be bored; too precious not to cherish and too uncertain to not live each day with passion, purpose and intentionality.  


I have traveled the world, marched in the Macy’s Parade, written a best seller, scripted a stage play, been on Good Morning America…and defeated cancer all before my fiftieth birthday.  I don’t share this with you for pity; on the contrary, I want you to know that a made up mind and a passion to live matter.  Live to live...and live some more!

Unfortunately, I cannot impart any super “power” that many motivational speakers give to audiences. (Neither do they.)  You already have it.  In my role as your life legacy accountability partner, it is my task to ignite the power that you already have, put it to work as we create your legacy and keep you on track until we reach the goal.

It has been said that the most valuable real estate is found in cemeteries, for it is there that many dreams and ideas are buried forever.  What would you want to be remembered for if the inevitable happened to you? 

Your legacy is yours to define. 

Only you know the "why"; I help with the "how"  and together we get the results you desire.                      Let's get started!

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What's that ONE thing you'd like to accomplish to create your legacy?

Bigger than a bucket is YOUR legacy!

Re-claim your life after divorce?

Start your own business?

Run a marathon?

Visit the Serengeti?

Write a book?

Create a non-profit organization?

YOUR life's legacy project!

Creating a legacy is a big task and most often, too detailed to do alone.  Keep scrolling to discover how I can help you to create yours.